Banzhaf Index and Spread Sheets
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Here you can call an applet which calculates the Banzhaf indices of power for a given voting system with a specified number of members with different voting quotas. The input and output of your data can be done by using a standard spread sheet program. The applet is available in various languages:

Hint: This is a signed applet. Therefore, after confirming the certificate it is possible to use your system clipboard to exchange data between a spread sheet program and the applet by the key commands strg-c und strg-v. If you refuse to trust the certificate, the applet works as well, but it cannot access this copy/paste functionality.

Moreover, the applet is based upon the Java 2 classes (Swing). To use it your browser needs the Java plug-in (version 1.3 or higher), which might be uninstalled on your system. In this case you can download it for free from the SUN website:

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